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February 3rd, 2009

Playing at Nashville's Union Station

I just played Mad Rush at Nashville's Union Station.  I was nervous as hell ... at first.  A warm shower, mild yoga, and short meditation calmed me totally down, but a fourth of the way through I noticed my foot shaking on the dampening pedal.  But the architecture's acoustics were irresistible; so I closed my eyes and Glass flowed through me.  It was marvelous, and worth every bit of the coercion needed on the hotel's staff.  (It was a freakin' grand station's atrium! with a grand Yamaha! that *no* one plays!!  High society is absurdly superficial about such beautiful yet practical things, like pianos and grand halls.) 

Perhaps Nashville is a city of music after all!

P.S.  I forgot how much harder grande's are to touch.  Regardless, I plan on doing this to more hotel halls while travelling ;)