March 16th, 2009

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Mating and Symmetry

Is it just me or are there a perponderance of "scientific" studies about mating and physical symmetry?  NPR has been churning out interviews like fanatics these past few years.  Now Wikipedia has an article dedicated to it. 

Physical attraction isn't everything, obviously, but it usually matters ... for initial attraction -- and hookups.  S fell for a guy who rejected her feet!  Her FEET weren't perfect!  It seems superficial but it'd be a big deal if your partner had a foot fetish.

I'll admit to some symmetry affection.  Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman, George Clooney, and Brad Pit are divinely symmetric IMO.  The Ocean's 11-13 lineup is something I'd like to freakin' see at the next airport, and not for gawking reasons -- I'd just smile at 'em all:

But what about us who are asymmetric?  I have this thing where my left eye is higher than my right (or vice versa ;)  Glasses masquerade it to some extent, and plastic surgery might help out when wearing contacts, but I've just grown to light up my eyes when outside ... and live mostly as a hermit with the books.  It avoids the red carpet spotlight :)  Not a solution but what to do if this is genetic?  What I mean is: as animals, can we overcome instinctual preferential treatment?  With rationalizing it??  Pfft!

My second admission is that I'm actually attracted to some asymmetries.  Not sure about S's foot thing, and I don't want to sound perverted, but if there is something unique then I tend to like it.  Odd.   It's probably a reflection of one's self.  The perfect are attracted to the ideal, the unique are attracted to differences.  That's some confirmation bias right there!  :)