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That Library Thing

Calling all bibliophiles, erudites, and other peeps who cannot resist a good bookstore! 

I bumped into the LibraryThing where you can catalog your personal collection.  The coolest part is A) it's free (for your first 200 books) and B) the statistics are awesome!  For example, the site tracks the rarity of your collection, and tells you when only one other bibliophile has cataloged a book in your collection.  The database also tells you the frequency of editions from a decade so you can get an idea of which generation's authors you are reading most.

Add a few books and link to my catalog! :)


Sep. 3rd, 2006 04:30 am (UTC)
Funny, I just heard of a place with a similar name to that.

It's a large warehouse full of free books. You can take/leave books as you please.
Sep. 3rd, 2006 06:26 am (UTC)
A brick and morter place?

I've been to coffee shops/book stores where customers can take books as long as they give as many as they take. Interesting -- sustainable -- concept, I thought.