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On Disagreements: Punch 'em

We know they’re wrong. Yet how do we avoid that cliche idiom, “I respectfully disagree.” The quotes speak for themselves.

  1. ... we need a meta-decision system for resolution of disagreement. [info]i_am_lane 
  2. The meanings are well defined, the rules are well defined, the correct result is well defined. [info]allmhuran 
  3. I don’t think that we can in practice claim with absolute confidence that there is a single point of convergence for all our philosophizing. There may always be, in principle, multiple attractor states. [info]paulhope 
  4. ... we’d have some agreed-upon and justified set of second-order rules and criteria for rational inquiry in general; ... We might have to look elsewhere, change our normative considerations about such epistemic inquiries, or stop holding our breath for an absolute epistemological revelation concerning such first principles. [info]awwh_snap 
  5. I think a fight to the death is the only reasonable choice. [info]apperception 
  6. “There’s one right answer, and we’d all reach it if we’d just correctly apply the rules of rationality to the problem at hand.” This looks eerily like ‘If you didn’t get the correct answer, you used the incorrect method’. [info]gerbilsage 
  7. Only when properly aristocratic agents assert themselves and form a strong, well-governed state can the conditions required for enlightened discourse exist, to the profit of all peace-loving and free-thinking individuals who can construct a complete sentence. [info]mendaciloquent 
  8. It’s not that we have to argue over how to achieve convergence: it’s that we first have to justify why the hell we would ever want such a thing to happen in the first place. [info]epictetus_rex 

Taken from Disagreement on philosophy  .
Tags: dialogues & conversations, philosophy, relationships
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